Easy and Proven Methods for Curing Stress Headaches

If you have a high stress level (and who doesn’t these days), you probably have a problem with headaches. Everybody gets headaches on occasion, but some people suffer from tension headaches on a regular basis. While you need to get help from your doctor if you have headaches frequently or severely, home remedies like the ones we’ll be talking about here could also help you.

An ice pack can be a fast and effective remedy for a stress headache. You can use a cold towel, perhaps wrapped around a bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen vegetables. Lie down with it and try to relax as every few minutes you move it from the top of your head to the back of your neck to your forehead. You can keep it longest in the area where you feel the most pain. Ice will reduce the inflammation which, in turn, reduces the amount of pain you feel. Even though this won’t cure whatever is causing your headaches, it can offer you some good (though temporary) relief. Cold caffeinated beverages like iced coffee and tea are good quick cures for a stress headache.

Both coldness and caffeine constrict blood vessels that cause tension headaches. Yet you have to be careful about depending on this technique, as consuming too much caffeine can also cause headaches in the long run, as you start to experience withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had your “fix.” So when you experience a particularly difficult tension headache, some help might be found in a cold caffeinated beverage but you also need to work on lowering your stress levels as well as lowering anything else that might be making you have the headaches.

What you drink or eat can feed into your headaches but not everybody is able to make that connection. You might think it’s a tension headache but it might actually be a food allergy or drink sensitivity. Some people find that alcohol, even small amounts, can cause headaches. Another common culprit is caffeine, especially if you consume many cups of coffee, tea, soda or caffeinated energy drinks in a day. If you want to stop these particular headaches, you need to dramatically reduce your caffeine intake. Some people get headaches from eating other foods, such as chocolate, cheese or peanuts/peanut butter, depending on what you’re sensitive to. See if there might be a connection between your headaches and the foods that you have been eating and drinking. There are lots of ways to treat your stress headaches and you can start with one of the methods we’ve talked about here. Check out chiropractor Cary NC for more health tips.

Overall, the best way to prevent these type of headaches from occurring is to learn how to relax, even in situations that tend to make you tense. This might not be simple but you honestly can train yourself to keep life from getting the best of you so often. Reducing your stress does quite a lot for you not the least of which is stopping your stress headaches.

Identifying the Best Anti Cancer Superfoods

If you are like most of us, it seems that everything can cause cancer nowadays. So it shouldn’t be surprising that cancer is the second highest cause of death in the US. The best way to handle this is actually the food that we eat, by ingesting what is healthy, what nature has provided. In the last 10 years, scientists have begun to call these superfoods, and the name has stuck. Always think in terms of variety because there are so many superfoods available in a natural diet. Let’s look at some ways that these foods can help you prevent cancer from developing, opposed to attacking it outright.

Science has been actively involved in studying the effects of berries on cancer. These small fruits are packed with various nutrients and antioxidants. Nutrients in super foods like this can be found in light and dark berries, but the darker ones seem to have the highest potency. Darker colored vegetables also have the most nutrients, therefore it makes sense that the darker colored berries also have the same type of consistency. Anytime there is a high amount of stress, cell damage can increase due to the oxidative stress caused by your body. By ingesting black raspberries, the effects of oxidative stress can be greatly reduced or diminished. It’s not just one berry that’s so much better than others but rather the whole group.

Beta carotene, which is a type of Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that has powerful anti-cancer properties. The easiest way to get high doses of beta carotene in your diet is to eat more carrots.

If you want to be healthy, you need to eat good sources of fiber, and carrots are one of the best of these. Carrots supply your intestines with prebiotic fiber, which helps maintain the healthy bacteria in that region. If you really want to be sure to get a healthy dose of fiber with a meal, you should combine cabbage and carrots in one serving. If you’re concerned about getting enough fiber, eating this combination a few times per week will help a lot. Check out thyroid treatment Wilmington professionals for more tips.

Ellagic acid is an important nutrient for preventing cancer, and one tasty place you’ll find this is in raspberries. Recent research on preventing cancer often points to ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is able to pinpoint cancer cells and cause them to die more quickly. Even better, it is not harmful to non-cancerous cells. What’s also so good about raspberries is that you can store them in your freezer and this will not damage the ellagic acid component. The ellagic acid and other nutrients will also be present in natural raspberry jam, jelly, and other products.

You may want to make a list of the most powerful superfoods and the specific benefits they will give you. This is a fantastic way to keep your diet healthy, and sustain your good health for as long as possible. Although some people equate these foods too bad medicine they remember as a child, they are not that bad, and you should get into the habit of eating them. You’ll thank us later on, when you are older, as you will have a better quality of life as a result of routinely eating superfoods.