Do You Know Which Superfoods Enhance Your Immune System

You know, as well as I, what you must do if your body is to be healthy. Schedule three or more exercise sessions into your week and plan to spend 30 minutes, at least, on each session. You need to make sure you drink enough water. And, of course, you need to eat balanced, nutritious food. Maybe you already follow these steps, but sometimes you may want to give your immune system an added boost. Do you feel a little run down and the sniffles are bothering you? You’ve heard about “superfoods” that can strengthen your immune system. Are there such foods? Yes, there actually are! Here are a few of the foods you can eat when you want to improve your immune system.

Do you like almonds? They are a wonderful immune-boosting superfood that a lot of folks don’t even know about. The strength in almonds is that they are loaded with magnesium. Why is magnesium so important? It makes your cells strong. Magnesium is also a factor in powering-up your immune system. Almonds are available practically anywhere you shop, and they’re just plain good to eat. Health food stores, super markets, and roadside stands are all good places to buy almonds. It’s also easy to find recipes for baked goodies that include almonds. When you buy granola or muesli, add some diced almonds. They’re also delicious added to other cold cereals and cooked cereals as well. If you like almonds straight out of the bag or can, eat them that way. Did you know that one of the best natural superfoods are mushrooms? Scientists in The Netherlands have found that mushrooms naturally boost your immune system and help you stay healthy. When your health isn’t good, your metabolites break down. This is where mushrooms can be very beneficial because they help with your digestion. One of the nicest things about mushrooms is that it is really easy to incorporate them into everything you make. They can be sliced, diced, minced, ground up, and added to any number of dishes. You don’t even have to do anything to mushrooms to enjoy their great taste. If you’re looking for a superfood with versatility, look no further than mushrooms.

Baked sweet potatoes are another delicious superfood that perks up your immune system. Beta-carotene is the nutrient that sweet potatoes provide. Its usefulness in strengthening and protecting your immune system has been documented. You can also find beta-carotene in other veggies – such as carrots – but the sweet potato is at the top of the list of versatility in how you can use it. Do you like pumpkin pie? If so, you will love Sweet Potato Pie. Search the internet for a recipe. It’s easy to make french fries with sweet potatoes. Peel them and cut them into 1/4″ strips, just like regular french fries, and fry them until they are golden and crispy. Mashed sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes are a nice treat for your family. There are many different ways to prepare and serve sweet potatoes. You can even find recipe cards hanging by the bin of sweet potatoes in your super market.

Your immune system can be energized and strengthened by a variety of lifestyle choices you can make.

Try to fit exercise into your schedule at least three days a week. You can make sure to drink lots of water to help your body stay hydrated. Take the time to plan healthful, balanced meals for yourself and your family. Nevertheless, the best idea – in order to prevent illness from striking – is to include immune-strengthening superfoods in your meal plan. Do some research online or buy a book on superfoods. That will give you even more to choose from than the three we’ve discussed in this report.